1) As a verb, to dress flax or hemp with a heckle, that is an implement used for combing the fibres.

1485 ij hekels pro lino iijd, Ripon

1554 iiij heckylles vij hespes of garne ij lynne wheles, Brantingham

1593 unto Elizabethe my doughter ... one chaire, a kettle and a heckle, Birstwith

1617 two heckles, 2 pair of woollen cardes, Abbotside

1682 a scile, a heckle, Brayton.

dates 1485 1554 1593 1617 1682

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2) A shelf, probably linked with heck in the sense of rack.

1596 one shelve one hecle, Knaresborough

1716 goods in the shop heckles, Knaresborough.

places Knaresborough
dates 1596 1716

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0