1) A large cupboard, usually with shelves.

1444 1 pressur pro pannis, Beverley

1454 To the making of a presour for the capys to be kepyd in, Hull

1495 a presse of waynskott, York

1528 In the Prasse ... a gowne of rede scarlet furred, York

1556 on presse, on almery and on gret chiste standing in the firehouse, Scarcroft

1559 Item one presser ... one greate chist, Ripon Park

1559 one greate cubbord ore prasse, Treeton

1570 One cupboard, a prysser and one old almerie, Hutton Conyers

1592 one presser standing at my bedd head, Birstwith

1646 Item one Presse & a Safe xxxs, Lepton

1693 one presse or cupboard, Slaidburn

1700 2 cupboards, 2 prasses, Ł2 10s 0d, Holmfirth.

spellings prass presser prasser
dates 1444 1454 1495 1556 1559 1570 1592 1646 1693 1700

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2) Implements used by clothiers in the finishing processes, possibly two boards between which the cloth was pressed.

1541 unto ... my sone the best half of all my lomes, walker sheres, cloth presses, and sherbordes, Halifax

1558 all my sheres, sherebord, lowmes, and clothe presses, Warley

1560 a paire of tenters, ij payre of loymes, a paire of my best sheyres and a prasse, Birstall

1582 A pare of prasse bordes, Slaithwaite

1599 one sheareboarde, one prasse, lowmes, Cottingley

1607 sheares, sheareboard and prasse, Golcar

1758 Shalloons when prest to bee made up on a board ... and before you fast the end put them in press

1762 a master dresser ... is obliged to have tenters and preses of his own, Wakefield.

dates 1541 1558 1560 1582 1599 1758 1762

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0