1) A partition or internal wall.

The OED has numerous examples from the Old English period with a score or more different spellings. The form quoted here was emerging by the fourteenth century and Wycliffe has ‘a boowid woughe’. It was a not uncommon word into the seventeenth century: 1575 ‘the east side of a Bordeshutt woghe’ Halifax

1594 the north end of the barndivided by one woughe from the residue, Hopton. Compound terms provide evidence of the construction materials used: 1609 le Bordshott woughe, Hipperholme

1627 the West end … of one lathe or barn containing two bayes … which was lately divided from the East end … with a rysed woghe, Allerton

1630 one stud woughe devydinge the housbody from the upper end, Honley

1634 one watled wanded or rised woghe, Addingham.

dates 1575 1594 1609 1627 1630 1634

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0