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Doncaster session roll, January 1675

Doncaster session roll, January 1679

Doncaster session roll, January 1680/1

Doncaster session roll, January 1683/4

Doncaster session roll, January 1687

Doncaster session roll, January 1691

Doncaster session roll, January 1695/96

Doncaster session roll, January 1697

Doncaster session roll, January 1698/99

Doncaster session roll, January 1731/2

Doncaster session roll, January 1746/7

Doncaster session roll, January 1750/1

Doncaster session roll, January 1752/3

Doncaster session roll, January 1755

Draft agreement concerning the maintenance of a boundary

Draft Court Rolls and lists of tenants and jurors for Courts Baron of Gaukarr cum Bothomhall, 10 Jan 1661 & 17 July 1663

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Examination of Thomas Robinson of Scarborough, 2 August 1641

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