Source Materials

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Gift by John Daunay to Thomas Rayner and Alice his wife, of a toft in Hek, 16 May 1397

Gift by John de Balne to John Aldous and Ellen his wife, of a messuage in Little Heck and lands in Heck, 30 October 1390

Gift by John de Fryston, William de Hathelsay, John Saunderson and Thomas Dylcok, to Thomas Adam of Snaythe and Alice his wife, of premises in Snaith, 12 September 1380

Gift by John Mascald' of Haymylen and Katherine his wife to Thomas Kyddall of Cowick, of premises in Cowick, 5 February 1503

Gift by Thomas Smythe of York to Robert Skelton of Cessay, all his tenement and four acres of land and meadow in Ceszay, 9 August 1448

Gift by William Mauleverer to Bolton Priory of various lands, early thirteenth century

Gift of annual rent charge of 12s 4d, 6 May 1347

Gift with warranty from Simon son of Gospatrick de Stanlei to Fountains Abbey, nd

Giggleswick manor court rolls

Grant between Thomas Pilkington of Nether Bradley and John Armytage of Kirklees, the right of attachment of Kirklees Mill Dam to the Bradley Estate, 29 January 1581

Grant by Anthony son of Ellis son of William of Thorp Rykenild to Sir Anketin Saluayn, 23 August 1341

Grant by Beatrice, formerly wife of Adam Witbelt of Walton to Roger Scot and Alice her daughter, 28 November 1348

Grant by Ellen widow of John de Westwyk to Cecily her daughter for burgage in Richmond, nd

Grant by Gerard de Grymeston to Stephen Yueson and Christiana his wife, a messuage with a courtyard adjoining in Hunmanby, 9 January 1372/3

Grant by Henry II to burgesses of Scarborough 1155-1163, in Charter Rolls of 37 Hen. III and 5 Edw. II

Grant by Henry Sayvell, Lord of Gouldeker to Richard Godchayre, a tenement and land called 'le hay', June 1361

Grant by John Barton de Wrawby to John Bilton and John Tasker of Beverley of a tenement with appurtenances in Beverley, 29 May 1429

Grant by John de Langelethorpe of Richmond to Nicholas de Blackeburne, 30 January 1399/1400

Grant by Maud de Stapilton to Benedict her son, nd

Grant by Philip Cradok to William Bradelay and Agnes his wife of a selion of arable land lying in the fields of Markesburgh, 23 June 1347

Grant by Robert son of Ralph de Pecto of Acton to Robert son of John le Coupar, of an acre of land in Acton, [25 May] 1315

Grant by Thomas Hanson to Thomas Day Jr and others, of lands and fulling mill in Crosseland, Gowtkar and Quarmby, 20 June 1519

Grant by Thomas son of William le Agguiller of York to Thomas Duraunt of York, all his lands with buildings and appurtenances in Fossegate York, 19 December 1322

Grant by William Brindboys of Mersk to Hugh son of Richard styled Tholesun, of three and a half acres in Mersk, [29 December] 1331

Grant by William de Bradeley and Agnes his wife to Christiana called Litester of Roderham, 1 July 1347

Grant by William de Deserto to Marton priory of 3 roods of land in Apletrewic, nd [thirteenth century]

Grant by William de Gerford to Geoffrey son of Benedict de Berford and Isabel his wife, nd

Grant of a way from John Parkyn to William Haigh, 28 October 1589

Grant of a year's supply of wood for a forge in the woods of Emmeley, 12 January 1315/16

Grant of lands in Langbar and Nesfield by Nigel de Plunton to Agnes daughter of Adam son of Meldred of Gikeleswic, early thirteenth century

Grant of the reversion of Almondbury Manor (inter alia) to Richard Beaumont of Whitley Knt. and another, 6 October 1627

Grant to the Staveleys the office of Parker in Wolsey's park of Ripon, 7 December 1516

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