Source Materials

Indenture between Richard Wiggan of Malham and Robert Sergeantson of Hanlieth regarding pasture in Malham, 28 May 1676

Indenture between Thomas Kinge and Christopher Wilkinson concerning the fyrehouse in Hanlieth and two parcels of a barne or lathe in the south end of the greate laythe, 15 June 1629

Indenture between William Atkinson and Issabell Atkinson, and Henry Hall concerning messuages in Hanlith and Kirkby, 13 March 1668

Indenture between William Atkinson of Hanleth bridge and William Anderson of Malham, concerning a messuage in Hanleth, 5 October 1668

Indenture between William Cockell, John Sawyer, William Toutill and William Hill and John Clough, 29 June 1782

Indenture between William Hyne of Sheffield and Sir John Plesance vicar relating to three tenements, 12 May 1498

Indenture between William Johnson and William Pyburne for part of one barn in the close or yard of William Johnson, 14 December 1754

Indenture between William Parkinson and George Falthropp concerning the east end of the east moiety of the fyrehouse in Hanlieth, 6 April 1618

Indenture concerning property in Hanlith seized in fee from Matthew Towler, late of Malham Walterhouses, 24 April 1673

Indentured bargain and sale of property in the lane between Bradford and Wakefield, 23 May 1650

Indenture for demise of parsonage of Seamer, 22 December 1538

Indenture of bargain and sale by John Waller of Woodthorpe Moore Side and Hellen his wife, to William Fenton of Gleadlesse, 18 November 1706

Indenture of bargain and sale by Lancelot Momforde of Kilnhurste to John Darleye of York, 13 Jan [1570-71]

Indenture of bargain and sale from Thomas Mountford of London to John Darleye of York, 27 April [1589]

Indenture of bargain and sale of property in Honley 20 Oct 1570

Indenture of bargain and sale of property in Honley and Netherton, 20 Oct 1570

Indenture of demise from Wililam de Seleby of Eskrick to William son of Henry le Wright of Queldrake, a piece of land in Eskrik, 14 May 1345

Indenture of lease between Edmund Starkie and John Wilkinson, demise of a messuage in Morton Banks, January 1739

Indenture of lease from Robert Codon of Donewych to William Bedon of Rendyllsham, 10 September 1447

Indenture of lease from Thomas Dynham et al. to John Selyok of Hasilbarowe, 7 December [1507]

Indenture relating to a farm rented to Geoffrey Buttery, 4 July 1499

Information of John Frankland of Highfield, woollen webster, about his missing sheep, 21 June 1675

Information of John Greenewood and John Preston against John Read and Robert Scott, 3 July 1674

Information of John Lupton of Grassington, butcher, about his missing sheep, 4 January 1675

Information of John Wilby of Bradford, bailiff against Abraham Wilkinson, cloth dresser, 24 April 1674

Information of Thomas Ludlam of Whiston against William Hall of Rotherham, 4 October 1677

Ingilby of Ripley Castle, Family and Estate records.

Inquisition held at the Manor Court of Aldburghe to enquire of all the Ancient water Sewers on Usborne Carr, 27 May 1594

Inquisition Post Mortem, Series II, Matthew Boynton York 1540

Inspeximus by John Savile, knight of a grant between Henry Sayvile and Richard Godehayr, 15 May 1488

Inspeximus of gift by Stephen count of Britanny to the abbey of St Mary, York [1125-35] on Patent Roll 10 Edw II, part 1

Inspeximus of interrogation and despositions in chancery touching houses etc in Huddersfield 29 April 1583

Interrogations to be administered to witnesses, to be produced, sworn and examined on the part and behalf of Henry Tempest against Henry Fairfax, nd

Inventory and bond of Thomas Briggs, South Cave, 1613, South Cave Peculiar

Inventory and note of Gregorie Mallorie, Sedbusk, gent, 1628

Inventory for Richard Smethley, Brantingham, Oct 1554

Inventory of Abraham Sutcliffe, Allerton, 1641

Inventory of Agnes Annyson, South Cave, 1609/10, South Cave Peculiar

Inventory of Agnes Atkinson, Faxfleet, 1597/8, South Cave Peculiar

Inventory of Agnes Barker, South Cave, 1587

Inventory of Alice Nettleton, Knaresborough, 1603

Inventory of Alison Todd, South Cave, 1591, South Cave Peculiar

Inventory of Allizon Wetherall, South Cave, 1590/1, South Cave Peculiar

Inventory of Ambrose Tenan als. Robinson, South Cave, 1592, South Cave Peculiar

Inventory of Ambrose Tenan als. Robinson, South Cave, 1592, South Cave Peculiar

Inventory of Anne Abbott, Selby, 1676

Inventory of Anne Brooke, Gateforth p. Brayton, 1668

Inventory of Anne Lademan of Gaiterley in the parish of Middleton Tyas, 1559-1560

Inventory of Anne Todd, South Cave, 1626, South Cave Peculiar

Inventory of Anne Vavasor, Spaldington, 1570

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