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spellings delve
In some northern counties ‘delf’ was the usual word for a quarry.
dates 1538 1575 1608 1623 1659 1665 1677 1704

A quarryman.
places Southowram
dates 1798

This is a rare phrase in the documents consulted, but it provides early evidence of a freedom granted to colliers to stack coals on the surface.
places Wibsey
dates 1659

Stones containing iron ore.
dates 1522 1541 1579 1584

A square or diamond-shaped piece of glass, of the kind used in lattice windows.
places York Birstall
dates 1575-1576 1577

spellings wharls wherelle wharl wharrell querrell
Early alternative spellings of ‘quarry’, a place where stone is excavated.
dates 1290 1316 1379 1422 1425 1500 1581 1609 1634 1672 1693

The circular board which compresses the curds in the cheese vat.
dates 1579 1593 1676

This was the occupational term for the men who dug the early pit shafts.
places Tong
dates 1760

A small stone quarry.
places Halifax Ovenden
dates 1538 1651

spellings throw up throw down
The OED has ‘throw’ as a word for a fault, ‘a dislocation in a vein or stratum in which the part on one side of the fracture is displaced up or down’.
dates 1760 1761 1779

This was a noun used of objects found in cutlers’ smithies.
places Sheffield
dates 1699

To turn on a lathe.
dates 1490 1499 1547 1568 1617 1663

spellings wherelle wharl
These are local variations of ‘quarrel’, in the sense of quarry or stone-pit, and they occur from the fourteenth century.
dates 1379 1422 1500 1794

Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0