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For gave.
places Hull
dates 1517

A three-foot rod for measuring.
dates 1450 1495 1609 1641

The regional form of gate, in the sense of a moveable barrier.
dates 1322-1326 1489 1546 1573 1614 1675

The right to take wood for yates or gates.
places Cawthorne
dates 1626

A gatepost.

The site of a yate or gate.
places Pickering
dates 1611

A gate post.
places Alverthorpe
dates 1665

From Old English ?a-land, that is ‘land by water’, a word which gave rise to a number of place-names.
places Conistone
dates 1686

A yearling, an animal one year old, usually a calf.
dates 1549 1557 1559 1567 1642 1699

A dialect spelling of ‘earn’.
places Beverley
dates 1577

For gears.
dates 1555

An osier or pliant branch woven between the upright stakes in a laid hedge.
places Brandsby
dates 1616 1618

A spelling of 'given'.
dates 1455

For geld, that is castrated.
dates 1557 1567

spellings yele hall
For guild hall.
places York
dates 1482 1490

From the earliest records to the sixteenth century, could be used of a man servant in the house of a person of higher rank, not an independent holder of a small landed estate.
dates 1300 1419 1430 1498 1508 1532

spellings getling
Evidently a bowl or pot, made of brass or iron, possibly with two ‘lugs’ or ears.
dates 1378-1379 1445 1452 1459 1533

spellings yeven
For give, given.
places York Halifax
dates 1487 1533


spellings ewe
A tree, scarce in Yorkshire, but with a variety of uses.
dates 1577 1599 1636 1674

places Scagglethorpe
dates 1396

A spelling of ‘yawl’, that is a ship’s boat, smaller than a pinnace.
places Beverley
dates 1721

spellings head yoke
The contrivance which coupled oxen together for drawing a plough.
dates 1260 1539 1544 1554 1558 1578 1599 1667

For ‘yule-stock’, a contribution to the festivities at Christmas.
places Buttercrambe
dates 1282

A young man in the service of, or in attendance upon, a person of high rank or an official.
places Sherburn Howden
dates 1540 1563

spellings you
A frequent spelling of ‘ewe’.
dates 1531 1549 1567

A sheep’s udder.
places Elmswell
dates 1642

An early spelling of hippocras, used by Chaucer. It was a cordial drink made of wine flavoured with spices.
places York
sources Memoranda Book
dates 1433

Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0