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An alternative spelling of ‘shell’, that is to remove the husks from grain, usually with reference to oats.
places Ayton Beeston
dates 1631 1754

spellings shelling
This was the usual word in many parts of Yorkshire for oats from which the husks had been removed, ready for grinding, often at the local mill.
dates 1510 1545 1647 1685 1760 1783

Light boards used for roofing houses.
dates 1376 1379 1541-1542

A carpenter employed in the construction or fitting out of ships, an occupational term first noted in an Act of 1495 (OED).
places Hull
dates 1570 1601

As much as a ship will hold.
places Tadcaster
dates 1403

A sailor, although most of the evidence relates to men who operated boats on the Ouse, the Trent and their tributaries. Several villages and towns in that region were ports.
dates 1280 1301 1320 1379 1398 1421

spellings shippon
A cattle shed or cow house, a word of Old English origin.
dates 1705 1707 1717

Probably timber that was suitable for building ships.
places Whitby
dates 1541

A carpenter with the special skills required for building ships.
dates 1280 1308 1377 1417 1446 1527 1539 1586

A slice.
dates 1669 1690 1700-1750

Slaty debris, shale or flakes. Shivers of hard stone had a market value.
places York Askrigg
dates 1432 1708 1746

spellings shote shott
A young, weaned pig.
dates 1563 1566 1585 1618

Probably for ‘iron-shod’, used of a wooden implement furnished with a shoe or sheath of iron.
dates 1485 1515 1557 1576 1577 1632

The wooden piles used in dams, river defences and bridge foundations were often provided with an iron shoe at the pointed end.
places Ilkley Leeds
dates 1322 1675

A common field-name, probably derived from 'shovel broad' so referring originally to a narrow strip of land.
places Pudsey Spofforth
dates 1200-1299 1312 1346

Presumably a shoemaker's working bench.
places Hull
dates 1483 1490

The old plural of ‘shoe’, still used by dialect speakers, with ‘shooin’ as the form in much of the West Riding.
dates 1460 1509 1519 1543 1570

A glove worn to protect the hand when drawing a bow.
dates 1525 1537 1542 1558

A building where goods were made and prepared for sale, also used frequently of work-places.
dates 1374 1399 1584 1619-1621 1637 1730

A regional spelling of ‘sewer’.
places Elland Wakefield
dates 1664 1766

Land by a river (OED), or a precipitous slope (PNWR7/242). Research by David Shore suggests that it was more accurately ‘an arc of rising land above a river or stream’.
places Huddersfield

Of uncertain meaning, possibly 'shared' or 'brought ashore'.
places Sessay
dates 1797

Of uncertain meaning, but evidently a short section of a felled tree.
places Almondbury
dates 1629

The reckoning or bill, especially one in an ale-house, an obligation discharged.
dates 1640 1647 1676

Thrust out or projecting.
places York
dates 1501

Of uncertain meaning but descriptive of a process in tanning.
dates 1660 1720

A reference to fish that have spawned.
places York Hull
dates 1510 1517

spellings shoule
These are the usual dialect forms of ‘shovel’.
dates 1395 1557 1655 1704 1789

A flat-bottomed boat.
places York
dates 1457

An alternative of shovel-board.
places West Riding
dates 1648

An alternative of shove- or shovel-board.
places Marston
dates 1594

spellings sholve shoul shoule shulve
Many shovels were wooden implements, ‘shod’ with iron.
dates 1395 1557 1570 1614 1616 1655 1666 1707 1789

A game in which a coin is driven by a blow with the palm of the hand along a board marked with transverse lines.
dates 1575 1607 1608 1619

For shoeing, as when shoeing animals.
places Ripley Ilkley
dates 1543 1675

spellings scrogg
A regional word for scrubby woodland, first recorded in the Towneley Mysteries.
dates 1292 1479 1662 1697-1698 1763 1871

An alternative form of scrub oak.
dates 1543-1544 1574

Old or broken metal that might be converted into weapons.
places Sheffield
dates 1709

A variety of meanings, including a division of land; a synonym for 'furlong'; or an enclosure of a town field.
dates 1601 1604 1680 1687

In contexts which relate to water mills, reservoirs or drainage systems, a ‘shuttle’ was a flood-gate; that is a hatch or ‘door’ which controlled the flow of water and needed to be raised to allow it to flow freely.
dates 1549 1612-1616 1659 1720

A maker of shuttles used by weavers.
places Hull
dates 1377

Probably the wooden framework which held the movable shuttle.

A dialect spelling of ‘such’.
dates 1537 1542

An obsolete word that meant sickly, used here in a by-name with wether, a male sheep.
dates 1326 1332

spellings scythe boon
A manorial service which obliged the tenant to work with his ‘sickle’ for a number of days on the lord’s land.
places Rowley
dates 1463

Occupational term for the maker of sickles.
dates 1564-1565 1597 1699 1706 1729

Originally a dining table placed against the side of a room.
dates 1530 1536 1574

spellings side-wiver
A regional word for ‘purlin’.
dates 1446-1448 1524-1525 1544 1617 1672 1694 1739

spellings sege
A privy.
places Hull
dates 1448-1449

Occupational term for a sieve maker.
dates 1301 1590

A strainer or sieve, especially for milk.
dates 1381 1504 1579 1612 1683 1731

An obsolete spelling of ‘such’.
places York
dates 1457

The pole or shaft of a cart or wain, a regional word listed by Wright.
dates 1667 1739

The former varied meanings included ‘simple’ and ‘trifling’, either of which might be applicable here.
places Adwalton York
dates 1268 1630

Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0